Uncontested Fees

Please see our Payment Options for our flexible arrangements that can get you started for as little as $100 down.


  • Uncontested divorce only (spouse to sign for papers): $450.00 plus court costs of $86.00
  • Uncontested divorce where spouse will not sign for papers: $550 plus court costs of $86.00 and service costs
  • Uncontested divorce by publication (performed only when spouse cannot be located): $650 plus court costs and newspaper publication fees
SEPARATION AGREEMENT – required if you been separated for between 6 and 12 months and you have no minor children
  • Separation Agreement with real estate AND children: $400.00
  • Separation Agreement with real estate OR children: $300.00
  • Separation Agreement with NO real estate or children: $250.00
  • Name Change upon completion of divorce: $75.00
  • Child support guideline calculation: $25.00
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order (“QDRO”) (per division) $450.00
  • Will, power of attorney and medical directive for post divorce $250.00
  • Deed of Gift, Quit Claim Deed or Deed Pursuant to Divorce Settlement: $150.00

Prices listed above are for UNCONTESTED DIVORCE services only. Every case is different, please contact us for more information.


1. Payment in Full. - deduct 10 percent from the fees listed above.

2.  Partial Payment – Available only for divorce services, not separation agreement services.

Pay at least half of the total fee front and receive a 5 percent discount.  The remaining balance is due before the paperwork will be submitted to the Court for finalization.

3. $100 down, Extended Payment Plans. – Available only for divorce services where the spouse will sign the papers.

For $100 down we will file your divorce. You will then make 4 monthly payments and agree to have your debit/credit card charged each month until you are paid in full.  The divorce will not be finalized until you have paid in full. Of course, you can always pay in full at any time after the filing.